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Advantages in Using Amulet Technologies

Why Use Amulet’s Embedded GUI Design Solutions?

We are a one-stop source, which means we are experts in both embedded GUI design software and hardware solutions to support you all the way through to production. With Amulet you can:

  • Easily design smartphone-like graphics on your embedded GUI
  • Easily complete your GUI project in days, not month or years
  • Easily make changes (yes, in minutes, not months)
  • Easily connect to your host 8-bit microprocessor



Are you wondering how to design your embedded GUI using Amulet?

High-end embedded user interfaces can easily be created using Amulet’s GUI design software, GEMstudio Pro™, in days, not months, or years.  Download GEMstudio Pro and try it for FREE!

Design Tools for Today… Production Parts for Tomorrow

no coding

Amulet’s GEMstudio Pro GUI design software and evaluation kits allow you to go from your GUI sketch, to display evaluation, to production seamlessly! This allows for the many design iterations that are required to create the best user experience possible. With production hardware solutions for both color and monochrome displays ranging from chips and boards, to fully integrated modules, the flexibility is nearly endless.

High-Performance Graphics WITHOUT the need for a High-Performance Micro!

Using Amulet’s GUI development software and supporting hardware, applications yield high-performance graphics without the need for a high-performance microcontroller. Amulet is the only embedded GUI solution on the market that enables new and existing systems with 8-bit processors to implement a GUI with smartphone-like graphics. For systems with 16 and 32-bit processors, Amulet off-loads processing power from the host micro.

Amulet is the only complete design-to-display touchscreen solution!