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Amulet Technologies Announces Release of its High-Performance Capacitive 7” GEMmodule™ and GEMstarter-kit™ Products

Campbell, CA – August 10, 2015 Amulet Technologies, a recognized leader in graphical user interface (GUI) solutions for embedded systems, announced today the production release of the first member in its high performance family of display modules. The 7.0” capacitive display modules (MK-070C-HP) and starter-kits (STK-070C-HP) offer higher performance with greater features, while maintaining the ease of development from design-to-display that customers have come to expect from Amulet Technologies.

The high performance GEMmodule™ has a 7 inch WVGA LCD and features a robust capacitive touch panel. The thick protective cover glass, along with the water resistant and glove enabled touch panel, provides the ideal features required in the embedded industrial and medical equipment markets. Utilizing Amulet’s own GEMstudio Pro™, the most comprehensive GUI design environment, a complete production ready solution with innovative touch controls and beautiful graphics can be realized in record time.

Amulet provides its own unique and highly optimized graphical operating system, specifically written for the capacitive 7” GEMmodule. The GEM OS offers a small software footprint, allowing for extremely fast start up times and lightning quick touch responses. The MK-070C-HP comes with 4GB of onboard flash storage and 4GB of DDR2 SDRAM, allowing for fast rendering and storing of many high resolution images.  

The capacitive 7” GEMstarter-kit includes all the hardware one needs to create a graphically rich, interactive and easy-to-use color GUI. For a limited time, Amulet is offering a free GEMstudio Pro software license (value of $499) with the purchase of Amulet's capacitive 7” GEMstarter-kit . For more information, go to: www.amulettechnologies/free-sw.

“This is going to be a game changer for Amulet Technologies as the new capacitive 7” GEMmodule will be able to address markets and applications that we couldn’t before. The capacitive 7” GEMmodule is a very popular size for the Industrial and Medical vertical markets that require higher speed performance and resolutions,” said Paul Indaco, President and CEO at Amulet Technologies.

About Amulet Technologies

Amulet Technologies all-in-one touchscreen solution empowers users to easily attain their desired human machine interface (HMI) with minimal time and effort. As the only complete design-to-display touchscreen solution, Amulet enables designers to quickly go from concept to completion by providing an industry leading graphical user interface (GUI) software suite and plug-and-play touch screen modules. The GEMstudio Pro™ software paired with an Amulet GEMmodule™ is the perfect solution for solving any touchscreen display requirement. With diversity in mind, the GEMmodules are designed for a large range of applications, from industrial, appliance, and medical to home and building automation and consumer electronics. With Amulet Technologies, it’s easy to give your product the right touch. Visit Amulet Technologies online at