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Amulet Capacitive 4.3" GEMmodule™

(MK-CY-043) Amulet's capacitive 4.3" GEMmodule family consists of fully integrated drop-in solutions that allow customers to implement a GUI with a smartphone-like look and feel at record time-to-market. These modules can be programmed using GEMstudio Pro™, the easiest, fastest and most flexible GUI design software tool in the embedded space. The WQVGA (480x272) TFT LCD module with integrated projected capacitive touch panel Cypress TrueTouch® controller technology for superior accuracy - highest signal to noise ratio (SNR). Amulet's color display modules are ready for production with an integrated Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip™ and all the needed parts to drive the display. This fully integrated, drop-in solution is ideal for OEMs when time to market is crucial.

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Capacitive 4.3

Module Components:

  • 4.3" WVGA TFT LCD (480x272) with white LED backlight
  • Projected capacitive P-CAP touch sensor from ClickTouch™
  • Controller board with Amulet's GEM Graphical OS Chip
  • Cypress TrueTouch Touchscreen Controller
  • Royalty-free Graphical Operating System™
  • Supports foreign language character sets (Unicode)
  • Built-in font converter


  • Best in class accuracy, linearity and fast refresh rate
  • Quick and flexible GUI design with GEMstudio Pro software development tool
  • Color depth: up to 24bit + 8bit alpha; graphics supported include: GIF, JPEG, PNG, and more
  • Built in font converter, foreign language character sets (Unicode)
  • On baord memory (32megabit data flash) for storing GUI pages
  • With LED backlight and PWM control (user interface or programmable via GEMstudio)
  • 24 pin interconnect for serial interface(s) - USB, 3.3vUART, RS232


  • Add a great looking GUI to an embedded application regardless of host microprocessor size or speed
  • Complete your projects in days, not years, and make changes in minutes, not months
  • Offload processing power from your host micro, no matter what size

Starter Kit:

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