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Amulet's Display Modules for Medical Applications

Is it time to give your medical application a new look and feel?

Amulet's color display GEMmodules™ are production ready, fully integrated GUI solutions that can significantly reduce time-to-market and initial project resource requirements for medical product manufacturers. Compatible with GEMstudio Pro™, the easiest, fastest and most flexible graphical user interface (GUI) software design tool, Amulet GEMmodules can be easily programmed with smartphone-like graphical user interfaces which can be effortlessly updated and modified. By utilizing an Amulet display module for your medical application, a complete production ready solution with innovative touch controls and beautiful graphics can be realized in record time.Amulet hair removal settingV2

GEMmodules' key features include:

  • fully-customizable
  • high-performance
  • robust capacitive touch panel
  • thick protective cover glass
  • water resistant panel
  • glove-enabled touch panel

Why are Amulet's HMI Solutions ideal for the Medical Industry?

Amulet's "Intelligent Display" module is a self-contained unit, with its own microcontroller and firmware. Amulet has developed the GEM OS which offers a small footprint, allowing for extremely fast start-up times and lightning quick touch responses. Avoiding COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf Software) and open source software, Amulet provides a well understood and fully documented development process.

Other key points:

  • The "Black Box" approach of the HMI display sub-system allows the system designer to partition the design, allowing for the display sub-system to have the lowest possible safety classification.
  • The Amulet solution allows the avoidance of the SOUP (Software of Unknown Pedigree) classification.
    • The development of all software related components comes from a single source - Amulet Technologies. It is not based on open-source software of any kind, also eliminating the potential hazards of commercially available software.
    • No software configuration management is needed and the designer will not need to consider the revisions of compilers, linkers, libraries, drivers or any OS related files.
  • Software and control of the HMI can be partitioned as a separate software component, with its software classification assigned separately. The Amulet portion of the design can be developed with no negative influence of other parts of software that fall under a higher safety class. The amount of document preparation for certification can be kept to a minimum.
  • Amulet, as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, has mirrored many of the processes outlined in ISO 13485:2003. Documentation of processes can be provided.

7 in Capacitive GEMstarter-kit

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