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Monochrome Display Modules and Chips

Amulet's monochrome display modules and chips are part of our legacy solutions available to existing customers. Although Amulet does not have plans to obsolete the products, we recommend our newer display modulesand chipsfor new designs.


Display Modules for Monochrome GUIs

lw4n4746 mini

Amulet’s monochrome display modules are ready for production with an integrated Amulet Graphical OS Chip™ and all the other parts needed to drive the display. This fully integrated, drop-in solution is ideal for OEMs when time to market is crucial and/or in-house design resources are limited.

5.7” Amulet OnBoard™ Module – Fully integrated GUI Solution

Amulet OnBoard™ (AOB) Modules are fully integrated display solutions. Amulet's Graphical OS Chip™ and all the other parts to drive the LCD are mounted directly to the PCB. AOB modules are available in three display types and include an integrated touch panel, white LED backlight and an 8megabit serial data flash chip for storing µHTMLT pages. Included is on-board circuitry that allows the contrast and backlight to be programmed via HTML. This feature provides many options. For example, you can have the user control the backlight through on-screen graphics, or program the GUI to turn off the backlight during periods of inactivity, or even restore backlight and contrast from FLASH presets upon power-up. Modules are RoHS compliant.



3.8” Amulet Module – Fully integrated GUI Solution


Chip Solutions for Monochrome GUIs

lw4n4564 mini

Amulet’s Graphical OS Chips™ for monochrome LCDs enable OEMs and design firms to seamlessly take their products to the next level by implementing interactive GUIs built with easy drag-and-drop design tools. Our monochrome chips include a built-in royalty-free Graphical Operating System. Amulet has partnered with hundreds of OEMs saving them time and money while helping them go from ordinary push buttons, knobs and LEDs to distinctive graphical user interfaces that set them apart from the competition.

Graphical OS Chip

(AGB64LV01-QC-E)The monochrome chip (an ASIC) is a combination microprocessor, LCD controller, and graphics library. It renders GUI pages containing graphic images, Amulet Widgets, and other UI objects directly to the LCD. This allows an embedded micro to do its job more efficiently. Thus, the main application can run on a smaller processor with less RAM and ROM. Graphical user interface pages are quickly and easily created using off-the-shelf HTML editors.


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