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Amulet Resistive 4.3" GEMmodule™

(MK-043R) This fully integrated 4.3" WQVGA production color display module supports a variety of embedded control interface applications. Featuring the Amulet GEM Graphical OS Chip™ for color displays, the module supports GIF, JPEG and PNG graphic formats in 24-bit color, plus 8-bit alpha blending found in high-end consumer electronic products. The module includes a 480x272 TFT LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio, white LED backlight, integrated resistive touch panel and a 32 megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages. In addition, the backlight can be controlled via the touch panel.Resistive 4.3

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  • Quick and flexible GUI design with GEMstudio Pro™ software development tool
  • Color depth: up to 24bit + 8bit alpha
  • Graphics supported include: GIF, JPEG, PNG, and more
  • 24 pin interconnect for serial interface(s) - USB, 3.3vUART, RS232
  • On board memory: 32Mb serial flash for storing GUI pages


  • Add a great looking GUI to an embedded application regardless of host microprocessor size or speed
  • Complete your projects in days, not years, and make changes in minutes, not months
  • Offload processing power from your host micro, no matter what size

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