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Amulet Resistive 7" GEMmodule™Resistive 7

(MK-070R) Amulet's resistive 7" GEMmodule is a fully integrated, production ready solution that allows embedded product manufacturers to implement a great looking GUI in record time, regardless of the size and speed of the microprocessor. The module can be programmed using GEMstudio Pro™, the most flexible GUI development software in the embedded space. Customers can create and modify their GUI at any time, allowing for as many design iterations as necessary to get the look and feel that is just right for their products.

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Module Components:

  • 7" WVGA TFT LCD (800x480) with white LED backlight
  • Integrated resistive touch panel
  • Controller board with Amulet's GEM Graphical OS Chip™
  • On-board memory: 64Mb serial flash for storing GUI pages
  • Royalty-free Graphical Operating System™
  • Supports foreign language character sets (Unicode)
  • Built-in font converter


  • Quick and flexible GUI design with GEMstudio Pro software development tool
  • Color depth: up to 24bit + 8bit alpha; for best performance, 8-bit palette is recommended
  • Graphics supported include: GIF, JPEG, PNG, and more
  • 24 pin interconnect for serial interface(s) - USB, 3.3vUART, RS232


  • Add a great looking GUI to an embedded application regardless of host microprocessor size or speed
  • Complete your projects in days, not years, and make changes in minutes, not months
  • Offload processing power from your host micro, no matter what size

Starter Kit:

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