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Embedded GUI Video Tutorials


GEMstudio Pro New Features Webinar

Learn about the new features introduced in the latest GEMstudio Pro release, version  Learn about the new way GEMstudio handles image layers and multi-language support.  GEMstudio now supports Anti-Aliased fonts and there is a new and easier way that image scrollers are implemented.

One Minute Tutorials

A series of 1 Minute tutorials to show you the capabilities of GEMstudio Pro, and explore how much can be accomplished in just 1 minute. 



IoT Design Webinar

Part 1 of our series of webinars covering the design and control of a lighting IoT. This part will cover the development of the graphical front-end using GEMstudio Pro.


High Performance 7" Capacitive

Watch this video for quick demo of the touch sensor working through gloves and water


GEMscript Introduction

Watch this video for a quick overview of using GEMscript, a new feature in GEMstudio Pro


GEMstudio Overview

Watch this video for a quick overview of how easy it is to design an embedded GUI using GEMstudio.


GEMstudio Demonstration

Here's an informative step-by-step video showing you how to design an embedded GUI using GEMstudio.


GEMstudio Features - Version

This video highlights the updates and enhancements made in version of GEMstudio.


Quick Demo of the Capacitive 4.3" GEMmodule™

Shows the basic navigation of the producion-ready capacitive module developed in partnership with Cypress and Clicktouch..


Communicating with Host Processor™

This video demonstrates how to setup communication between Amulet and the host processor using GEMstudio


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